Enter into the World of Porter Lee and the Masala Mysteries

A Question of Hue

While leading an arts and crafts tour of western India, scholar Porter Lee and his colleagues uncover a ring of fine art forgeries in museums and galleries. Their discoveries incite dangerous intrigues and at least two murders. The co-authors skillfully blend enticing travel dialog with exciting twists to create a unique product for a burgeoning market.

About the Authors

As one of the western world’s leading experts on India, Stephen Huyler’s fiction abounds with rich detail and cultural understanding that could only be penned after a lifetime of exploring the Indian subcontinent.

Written with his wife and traveling companion, Helene, a fine storyteller in her own right, The Masala Mysteries are simply great fiction: fluid and twisting, laced with suspense. They are pure adventure spiced with deception, intrigue, and murder.

Stephen Huyler hasn’t just traveled throughout India: he has studied and documented its religion, art, and cultural mores for more than 40 years. He has written six non-fiction books about India and is widely regarded as one of the leading documentary photographers of the country. He also has served as a guest curator for more than twenty-five museum exhibitions of Indian art around the world.  The Masala Mysteries, set against the variegated backdrop of India, are fueled by that substantial knowledge and wisdom.

The Huylers’ protagonist, Porter Lee, is forged from Stephen’s work and travels. Porter is a daring and erudite tour leader who revels in the peoples and cultures of India. No detail escapes his endless curiosity and insightful appreciation. Porter has a sharp eye for a forgery, a nose for deception, and a knack for solving mysteries.

Porter Lee’s adventures are clearly cultivated from the Huylers’ experiences, as we travel with Porter to examine exquisite paintings in a palace in Jaipur, sample food in a village home or chase villains by tuk-tuk through crowded city streets. The Huylers’ writing embraces the country like a cherished old friend, relishing its sounds, sights, and smells, and weaving their insights into a gripping story.

Masala Mystery Sample Chapter One: Porter

DELHI CHAPTER ONE: PORTER I awoke to the sound of laughter as I do every first day in India. Thirty or forty voices, laughing loudly in unison, pierced the predawn dark. Lying in bed, I smiled broadly to myself. I couldn’t help it: the laughter was infectious and I'd...

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Masala Mystery Sample Chapter: Foreword

ایکصویر  TASVEER EK Each painting was enchanted. It was said that his birds were so real that they often flew off the page to peck at the crumbs left from his roti and that if the viewer maintained deep silence, the sweet trills of avian song would uplift any ailing...

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Meet Porter Lee

Welcome to India! I am your tour leader and primary guide, Porter Lee. While together we will visit many of the monuments, temples and palaces for which this ancient land is famous, but we will also explore aspects of Indian culture that few other tourists see. In the...

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