Vignettes from India: Children

12469493_1546306345689669_3863743646133430301_oThe irrepressible joy of children in India captivates me. I engage with them everywhere. In cities, towns, villages, and hamlets they surround me, inviting my participation. They open doors into India’s heart. When adults see me bonding with their children and realize that I am trustworthy and intend them no harm, they in turn unfold. I often work in situations where people’s lives and livelihoods are challenged through poor economy, politics, environment or social inequities. I have worked in slums and rural regions of extreme poverty that are almost unimaginable to people in the West — and yet almost unfailingly, it is the children who bring light and joy into my daily experiences. I support the founding and growth of schools and non-profit organizations that engender the kindling of the spirit of these remarkable young people. Truly it is the children who are the hope of India and indeed of our world.